Results of the 2018 Young Engineers Competition



Celebrating the Achievements of Young Engineers Around the World


The Young Engineers Competition awarded the leadership efforts of young engineers around the world to progress the UN Sustainable Development Goals through engineering.




The WFEO Executive Board and the Committee on Young Engineers/Future Leaders has been proud to host a competition for the best ideas and projects from young engineers around the world, who are progressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through engineering. This was a key initiative of WFEO President Dr. Marlene Kanga to recognise the contributions of young engineers in leading sustainable development projects.


The following authors and contributions were selected by the jury:




Dr. Sim Siang Tze Victor (Singapore) Clean Water Access for Don Bosco School Hlaing Thar Yar, Myanmar



Eng. Emmanuel Adams (Ghana) Contribution of Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Water and Sanitation Project to the Progress of SDG Goal 6
Eng. Adonis Adornado (Philippines) Geographical and Varietal Origin Determination and Mapping of Philippine Fishery Products for Traceability and Biodiversity Assessment
Dr. Melchizedek Alipio (Philippines) An IoT-based (Internet of Things) Water Quality Monitoring and Potability Prediction System for Rural Communities in the Philippines
Eng. Luis Andrade (Venezuela) Solar energy for Venezuela’s public hospitals
Eng. Netty Dalma Malca Perez (Peru) Aquaponic Systems to face Climate Change and to Ensure Global Food Security
Eng. Rodrigo Israel González Velázquez (Mexico) Vínculo comunitario (Community Link through infrastructure projects)
Eng. Avishek Malla (Nepal) Empowering Rural Agriculture with Solar Powered Irrigation Services
Eng. Geoffrey Morgan (UK/USA) Infrastructure Capacity Assessment to Support Achieving the SDGs
Eng. Irene Serrano González (Spain) An ecological sanitation project towards the well-being of the patients and the sustainability of the Kumi Hospital in Uganda
Eng. Liu Shiqi (China) Targeted Poverty Alleviation Supported by Geo-Spatial Information
Prof. Ning Zhang (China) Supplying Affordable and Clean Energy through Multiple Energy Systems Integration
Prof. Ling Zhou (China) Water Supply Solution for Arid Area: Lost-cost, High Performance Solar Energy Electric Submersible Pump


The recognition of the awarded contributions


The awarded contributions were selected among more than 140 to be part of our 50th Anniversary booklet, featuring young engineers projects for SDGs; the booklet, featuring their contributions, will be released during the Global Engineering Congress (GEC2018) in London on 22 October 2018.


WFEO is co-hosting this Congress with the Institution of Civil Engineers (U.K.) as part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations and the ICE 200 Year celebrations.


Judging Criteria


The proposals have been judged on the following criteria:


1. Impact of the project on achieving one or more of the targets underlying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

2. The educational and professional background of the author, who should be below 35 years at 31 May 2018, in the project. Engineers who have made     significant contributions through innovative ideas and/or leadership will be very well regarded.

3. The level of innovation in addressing the underlying problem and how a solution has been developed

4. The quality of the presentation and the communication of the important and relevant issues of the project in terms of language, illustrations and     photographs


The judging panel included the Chair of the Committee Young Engineers Future Leaders and two representatives from the WFEO Executive Board.



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