Committee on Women in Engineering (WIE)

Women in Engineering (WIE) is a Standing Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations with the purpose of Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology.

Engineering Workforce Diversity

Leadership and Empowerment

Engineering Strategic Indicators


The WIE meetings will be a one day face –to-face meeting during the General Assembly or at the Convention. Team Leaders are expected to attend for progress reports. There is an appeal to WFEO from WIE that the WIE meeting is not slated at same time with other Technical Committees. This is to enable as many women engineers as possible participate in the activities of other committee. One of the reasons for creating the standing committee is to increase the visibility of women in the WFEO. Therefore the need to have women participate in their areas of expertise or interest. The Secretariat will also arrange online discussion from time to time.

Arrangement for meetings will be made by secretariat. Agenda and minutes of meeting will be circulated two weeks before the scheduled date of meeting to all members. Members with new issues for discussion will send such to secreriat a week before meeting for proper time scheduling.

Assessment of activities will be twice in the year, midyear assessment and end of year assessment.


The e-newsletter team will be encouraged to produce them as agreed in France. The goal is to publish four newsletters a year. If there is need to adjust the number, the committee will review and decide. The newsletter will have reports from regions and the activities on the themes in our strategic plans, upcoming events on women and technology will not be left out.


The Secretary has the responsibility of compiling and transmitting documents/files for updating/uploading on the WIE page of the WFEO website.


The secretariat will maintain a comprehensive list of members nominated by the WFEO member nations and international representatives.


The funds for travels and projected programmes will be sourced. The Nigerian Society of Engineers commits to ensuring that the secretariat is funded and functional. The Women in Engineering Committee will be budgeted for with fund allocation every year on the NSE annual budget. An office space will be allocated with basic office equipment. Allocation from WFEO will be used as agreed by the Chair/Secretary/Theme leads. Funds secured from external sources will be made known to WFEO as they will be project based.

The theme lead and assistant will be expected to source for funds to run expected programme with assistance from the secretariat.


As expected from the STC, the annual and bi-annual written reports on the activities of the committee will be prepared by the chair and secretariat. The Chair will attend the WFEO Executive Council meeting as chair of the STC and Vice President of WFEO. Reports as expected will be presented.

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