Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE)

The Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE) engages in a facilitating role among its members and the WFEO community. Where necessary, this role may include leadership and coordination among members and other committees of WFEO.

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Mitigation

Sustainable Practices for Engineers

Engineering and Agriculture

Sustainability and Mining


Operations and Budget


The CEE receives a budget from the WFEO that is allocated on a year-by-year basis. This budget is used primarily for communications and cannot be used to cover travel expenses. The typical allocation is in the order of 5-6,000 euros/year. The Chair and Secretariat manage and approve expenses for this budget once received.

The Institution of Civil Engineers as host is, like Engineers Canada for their hosting periods, providing funding support for a modest Secretariat and travel expenses for the Chair. The Secretariat consists primarily of a senior member of ICE staff working part time on WFEO matters. In addition, the Chairman, Jean Venables, will be supported technically by Roger Venables working in a volunteer capacity.

Each theme area is run on the basis that CEE Members are expected to provide volunteer resources that include a Chair and a committee of volunteers from the CEE membership and additional subject matter experts and other professionals engaged in the work. The Secretariat, through the WFEO-allocated budget, can support certain expenses for themes after application and approval, as well as limited secretariat services. No budget can be allocated for travel support.

Other Sources of Funding

The Secretariat and Chair will support efforts towards securing funding from external sources e.g. International Financial Institutions, United Nations and other international agencies e.g. Rockefeller Foundation to support individual events , activities or projects for the themes. These will be pursued on a case-by-case basis and limited to supporting the theme areas and by request by the theme leader or on an opportunity basis.

The lead country for each theme will be responsible to secure its own funding and volunteers for its activities. The Chair and Secretariat will provide assistance as time and resources permit.

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