Excellent climate services need to be at the highest level for engineers: A Call for Practical Action – Geneva (Switzerland), 1 July 2013

Excellent climate services need to be at the highest level for engineers: A Call for Practical Action
Report of Prof. John C. Badoux
Former Vice-President WFEO

I have represented WFEO in Geneva Monday July 1st, 2013 at the first Conference on Operational Climate Services: a Dialogue on Practical Action. The invitation came from the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services (IBCS).

It was extremely well organized by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and chaired by its President Grimes and its General Secretary Jarraud.

More than one hundred countries and different NGO’s were represented at an excellent level. The focus of the numerous presentations and discussions was on sciences, technology, policy, resource requirements and opportunities of various climate services. These climate services seem to be also in private hands and not only in the hands of governments and bureaucracies.

Such services are extremely important even if there wouldn’t be any general earth warning. More and more regions, populations, countries, are vulnerable to droughts, floods, storms, wind, etc… The emphasis must be on the long term, very long term effects and real worldwide priorities must be set.

By signing in October 2012 a MOU between WFEO and the Committee on Engineering and the Environment and WMO, our World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) has made an important step to bring the expertise, experience and competences of the engineering world toward providing these Climate Services.

Engineers can both help provide excellent Climate Services and benefit of such services, especially when it comes to agricultural engineers, construction engineers, energy engineers, all together so many types of engineers. The needs for education, training of engineers and other specialists are high and must be confronted synthetically.

In summary I recommend to WFEO to pursue an intense collaboration with WMO to make sure that the necessary climate services are really at the top level for engineers and make sure that engineers are called to collaborate and participate in the establishment of those climate services in a global framework.

Long term climate monitoring and predictions need engineers and engineers need them.

Based on the quality of the participants and the good level of the discussion the IBCS is an excellent vehicle for reaching the goals set.

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