World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction – WECDRR 2016

World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction - WECDRR 2016

3 – 9 December 2016, Lima, Peru



The purpose of the World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is to present and discuss recent experiences on disasters and to assess proposed solutions promoting the contribution of engineering to the disaster risk management.

The criterion applied for the selection of WECDRR topics was to select current issues of global concern, as well as of interest to the host country.

Reasons to participate

  • The WECDRR shall be an opportunity to learn, exchange experiences and establish networks with top international DRR/DRM specialists.
  • Leading engineers on DRR from around the world will meet to discuss and advance knowledge on DRR, and present the results of their plans, research and work.
  • The Scientific program will include 20 technical spaces and 06 topics.
  • Lima, “the City of Kings” is one of the most attractive cities to visit, and has been declared a World Heritage Site.

WFEO Executive Council Meetings Program (3 – 9 December)

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WFEO Executive Council Meetings Program

WECDRR Program (5 – 6 December)

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WECDRR 2016 Program


According to the United Nations, losses caused by disasters constitute a serious obstacle to the social and economic development of the nations affected by severe natural phenomena. Technical scientific studies were carried out following the major disasters occurring in the Indian Ocean in 2004; Maule, Chile in 2010; and Tohoku, Japan in 2011, which have led to the development of modern methods to reduce disaster risks. We must be aware of such methods, promote their implementation, and continue researching in an innovative way. In the 2016 WECDRR, leading researchers will have the opportunity to present their contributions to the latest global developments which, when implemented by engineers, will help to significantly reduce the damages caused by severe natural phenomena.

The World Engineering Conference shall be a platform for open dialogue to build bridges between academia, government, industry, companies, financial entities and the civil society.


The World Engineering Conference Scientific Committee has established 20 technical spaces for the presentation of articles and posters in the 6 Conference topics.

1. Protection of Public Lifeline Services from Intense Natural Events

According to the Sendai Framework of 2015, protection from disaster of public lifeline services, caused by earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, and landslides, is a priority for the period 2015-2030.

  • Water and sewage services
  • Energy provisions
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication

2. Disaster Risk Caused by Climate Change

  • Water crisis
  • Flooding, debris flows, avalanches and landslides
  • Drought

3. Business Continuity Plan and Business Continuity Management

  • Disaster risk reduction from the engineering point of view
  • Business protection through the coordinated effort of economists and engineers
  • Cyber resilience

4. Planning of Resilient Cities

  • Development of multihazard maps
  • Risk reduction in existing cities
  • Safe urban planning for low areas threatened by river floods and tsunamis
  • Resilient cities 2016-2030. Study cases

5. Protection of Essential Facilities in Case of Disasters

  • Hospitals
  • School Buildings

6. Safe Buildings

  • Increase of building structural safety, including non-structural elements and buildings’ contents.
  • Risk reduction of non-engineered housing (Named “informal housing” in Peru)
  • Application of modern techniques such as seismic isolators and dampers.
  • Strict municipal control of building safety, under responsibility.


For more information:

  WECDRR 2016 Video Presentation

  WECDRR 2016 Website

  WECDRR 2016 Second Circular

  WECDRR 2016 First Circular



Lima Convention Center

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