The International Symposium on “River Technology for Innovation and Social System”

The international symposium on 'River Technology for Innovation and Social System'

28 November 2015 | Kyoto, Japan

In recent years, stable global economy, in general, requires an appropriate economic development for each country or region. The technology development for the comprehensive infrastructure, considering disaster mitigation, and environmental conservation were the key factors for Japan that promoted rapid economic growth and has developed a matured society.

Thanks to the financial support, the “River Development Fund”, granted by the River Foundation (Japan), the committee for an international symposium, entitling “Contributions of River Technologies for Innovations and Social Systems”, was established by the researchers and engineers who belong to the WECC 2015 executive committee, the WFEO-Committee on Disaster Risk Management and the Japan River Restoration Network.

The committee will hold the international symposium to provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange new information and experiences associated with river technologies among the participants in the WECC 2015.


Organized by: Committee for “River Technologies for Innovations and Social Systems”

Co-organised by:

  • Japan Federation of Engineering Societies (JFES),
  • WFEO Committee on Disaster Risk Management (WFEO-CDRM),
  • Japan River Restoration Network (JRRN),
  • Science Council of Japan (SCJ),
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE),
  • Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)

Supported by:

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT),
  • Asian River Restoration Network,
  • European Centre for River Restoration

Date and Time: Saturday, 28 November 2015, 09:00 – 18:00

Room and Venue: Room D, Kyoto International Conference Center Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-0001 Japan, Tel: +81-75-705-1234, see webpage for detail

Maximum number of participants: 120 people (Worldwide engineers and engineering-related people are welcomed as a participant)

Admission: All participants are free only for this symposium.

However, you need to register with full payment if you wish to attend other WECC 2015 events. Please ask a staff member of the reception desk for more detailed information.

Language: English and Japanese (simultaneous translation may be available or the documents written by both languages may be distributed as a handout)

Note: This symposium will be held during WECC 2015


For more information:

Visit the International Symposium website

Visit the WECC 2015 website

Visit the Committee on Disaster Risk Management website



Kyoto International Conference Center

Full screen map

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