FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2017

FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2017

1 – 3 October 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia

Resilient Infrastructure – Improving Life

Indonesia, at the heart of SEA, has the third largest global population (256 million), and is the fourth largest Asia country. It consists of 5 large islands and 13,677 smaller islands – an enormous challenge for infrastructure. Add to that its strategic location in the belt most affected by climate change – storms, cyclones, tsunamis and similar natural disasters, Jakarta is a logical choice to explore the significant challenges and opportunities surrounding the need for more resilient infrastructure.

People are inimitably resilient, but not so their infrastructure ! Inadequate and inappropriate infrastructure impacts severely on people’s quality of life.

The FIDIC 2017 International Infrastructure conference will address the globally critical issues such as climate change, population growth, urbanization and inadequate infrastructure investment, all of which engineers need to play a role in resolving. However, it is believed that designing resilient infrastructure systems will require collaborative efforts by engineers, social scientists and other specialist skills.


Inadequate and inappropriate infrastructure impacts severely on people’s quality of life.


Consulting engineering firms, with their diverse skills and vast international experience, are well placed to offer sustainable solutions.

WFEO President Elect Marlene Kanga will be a keynote speaker the during the first plenary session entitled “Resilient Infrastructure – What Constitutes Resilience?”


The plenary sessions that will take place are the following:

1 – Resilient Infrastructure – What Constitutes Resilience ?

  • Reliability, functionality, adaptability, sustainability, political and societal expectations
  • What are the threats and challenges?
  • Political turmoil, climate events, natural disasters, population growth, urbanisation, inadequate investment

2 – Infrastructure Needs, Benefits and Investment

  • Global demand and benefit, government planning processes, social and economic benefits, economics of disasters
  • Identifying infrastructure priorities
  • Evaluating resilience in an infrastructure investment programme

3 – Modelling and Digital Technology in Planning for Resilience

  • Do we possess the data to be re-defining the events for which our infrastructure must be resilient?
  • Does forecasting and modelling help us re-define design events?
  • Modelling impact reduction achieved through resilient infrastructure?

4 – Strategies, Planning, Sustainability and Resilience

  • How do we plan our cities and communities to achieve resilience?
  • What have we learned from disaster and infrastructure failures?
  • How can consultants contribute to this work?

5 – Disaster Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • Impact on systems, infrastructure failure, people, environment, and economy
  • Post-disaster Functional Requirements – Power, water, healthcare, transport
  • Managing unplanned outcomes, disaster recovery planning and management
  • How do we make our infrastructure component based systems resilient to natural disasters?

6 – Resilience and Disaster Risk Mitigation in Projects

  • Discussions on showcased projects in which resilience has been built. How resilience has been achieved in each project
  • What business opportunities arise around the world aimed to improve infrastructure resilience?

7 – Designing Resilient Infrastructure

  • What are the design events we need to consider to deliver resilient infrastructure?
  • Do our engineering standards need to change to accommodate resilience?
  • What are the engineering challenges we must address to deliver resilient infrastructure?

8 – Effective Consulting Services to Support Resilient Infrastructure

  • What do consulting engineers need to change?



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  FIDIC 2017 Programme

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The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta

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