Escaping Silos SSEE 2011 International Conference

Escaping Silos SSEE 2011 International Conference

Practical Case Studies to Show You How to Maximise Value through Sustainability!

‘Escaping Silos’ will showcase pragmatic examples of actions that have overcome change resistance and the elements that contributed to the breakthroughs; engaging business leaders, scientists, politicians and educators that are influencing sustainability within engineering. Local and global integrated solutions across professions, industry sectors and communities will be highlighted, addressing the impact of economic policy and social directions.

We have secured a number of renowned international and national speakers, including Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, Amanda Mckenzie from AYCC and Professor Rob Adams from City Design.

What does ‘Escaping Silos’ entails?
The SSEE Conference Committee has adopted five key themes underpinning the ‘Escaping Silos’ focus, based on the findings from pre-conference workshops and consultation sessions in the lead up to this event, to take a closer look at what is influencing the way we undertake and execute projects, and through this how we shape our industrial and social communities:

Education as a foundation – acquiring formal and long term sustainability skills: Acquire practical education and communication skills for effective sustainability delivery, and hear about faculties that are graduating engineers with strong sustainability attributes.

Socioeconomic Context impacting sustainability – measuring wellness: Hear from the impact of emerging economic policy and social directions, and learn how organisations are accelerating value creation by playing an active role in transforming socio-economic drivers.

Integrated Solutions – practical learning in cross disciplinary teams: Learn from case studies showing how organisations are reducing outgoings and increasing profit by moving to new business models for sustainability.

Leadership in engineering – influencing stakeholders and broader society: Hear from and network with industry leaders that are really turning business models upside down, delivering increased natural and social capital, and turning a profit.

Overcoming Resistance – structuring conversation and pragmatic action around change: Learn from game-changing strategies that have overcome resistance, to help you and your staff improve your company position by better foregrounding sustainability as an underpinning value of your business.

‘Escaping Silos’ SSEE 2011 Conference will showcase cutting edge practical studies, successful experiences and emerging business models for Sustainability that are driving performance and value across sectors.

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