Africa Engineering Week 2018 / Africa Engineering Conference

Africa Engineering Week 2018 / Africa Engineering Conference

17 – 21 September 2018, Mombasa, Kenya
Harvesting blue/ocean economy for accelerated economic growth: The role of the Engineer
The WFEO has agreed with UNESCO to hold an African Engineering Week annually, preferably in the month of September which is internationally recognized as the World engineering month. The first Africa Engineering week was held in South Africa in 2014. The second and the third were held in Zimbabwe in 2015 and in Nigeria in 2016. The fourth was held in Rwanda in 2017.

This year, the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) in collaboration with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK), the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) have proposed to hold an international conference in Mombasa from 17 to 21 September 2018.

The theme of the Africa Engineering Week 2018 / Africa Engineering Conference (AEW 2018 / AEC) is “Harvesting blue/ocean economy for accelerated economic growth: The role of the Engineer”.

This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 14 on life in the sea.

Africa is surrounded by a large mass of ocean from which the continent can benefit from harvesting the resources therein. The Engineers will be expected to play a very significant role in harnessing these vast resources.

The theme of the conference resonates well with the Vision 2030 of the Kenya Government as well as the five year Kenya Governments 4-pillar strategy for the Kenya economy. These pillars are Food Security, Universal Health care, Manufacturing and affordable Shelter’

Food Security: The pillar of food security is well addressed in the conference proposal. Kenya has a 600km coastline that can be used to enhance and diversify the food resources by tapping the immense potential of the Indian Ocean. There are also several inland water sources. We expect to learn and share the relevant technologies with other countries in Africa and even outside Africa. The technology of desalination is also closely linked to food resources as well as health matters. We are soliciting for experts in this area to join us in the conference.

Health: One of the sub-themes of the conference is in pollution. The topic extends to inland water resources of which many communities depend on. Solution to pollution-free surface and ground water is a key to the improvement of the quality of life which forms the essence of health systems.

Manufacturing: The Engineers are the main driving force in manufacturing. In the conference an invitation has been sent to experts and interested parties in the manufacturing sector. We aim at having presentations and sharing expertise in low cost marine vessel construction and value addition to marine products.

Affordable Shelter: If the country is able to exploit the vast resources in the blue economy, this will spur the economic growth, thus providing enough resources to provide the population with affordable shelter.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure is an enabler in achieving the 4-pillar strategy. In the context of the blue economy, the main issues are port construction, sea-shore communication, canal transportation, harbour-railway linkage, efficient cargo handling through computerization of activities.

The conference theme has been sub-divided into several sub-themes as listed below:-

  1. Marine Fishery and Aquaculture
  2. Off-Shore Oil and Gas
  3. Marine Tourism
  4. Desalination
  5. Marine Construction and Equipment
  6. Protection of Water Catchment Area
  7. Ports and Shipping
  8. Renewable Energy in the Blue Economy
  9. Marine Administration and Business Services
  10. Pollution Control
  11. Inland Waterways
  12. Ocean Surveillance
  13. Marine Engineering


For more information:

  AEW 2018 / AEC registration

  AEW 2018 / AEC website

  Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) website

  Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) Facebook page

  Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO) website



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