2012 Workshop on Innovations in ICT Education (WIIE) October 22-23, 2012, Beijing, China

The 2012 Workshop on Innovations in ICT Education Held in Beijing, China

WFEO President, Eng. Adel Al Kharafi attended the 2012 successful Workshop on Innovations in ICT Education (WIIE’12) which was held in Beijing (China) on 22-23 October , 2012.
Jointly organized by the World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO) Standing Technical Committee on Information and Communication, the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), and co-sponsored by the China Computer Federation (CCF), the workshop was also endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


President Al-Kharafi attends the Workshop on Innovation in ICT education, 22nd to 23rd October 2012, Beijing, China


The Workshop which covered the theme: “Why and how ICT Education needs to be reformed”, welcomed over 150 participants from all professions, such as professors from prestigious national and international research Institutes and Universities, as well as executives from advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Toshiba, etc. who actively joined this interactive initiative.

The workshop opened the discussions on innovation around ICT with the aim of identifying key trends, challenges and opportunities in ICT Education, as well as determining strategies to meet these needs and challenges.
Prof. Zide Du, WFEO-CIC, Secretary General hosted the opening ceremony.and WFEO President Adel Al Kharafi presented the World Federation of Engineering Organizations to the participants at this opening ceremony. He later met with IEEE and CAST Officers to discuss the strengthening of collaboration between organizations. And finally, he applauded the role of IEEE in the organization of this important and successful event.


The 2012 Workshop on Innovations in ICT Education Held in Beijing, China

Prof. Ke Gong (on the right) receives his award for his keynote speech by Moderator Prof. Zide Du (on the left)


The Workshop received great-attention from both academy and industry in terms of ICT Education initiatives. All five guest speakers, Prof. Ke Gong, WFEO-CIC Chairman and Vice President of Nankai University (China); Michael Lightner, Vice President of IEEE; Tony Hey, Vice -President of Microsoft Research Connections; Prof. Tariq Durrani, University of Strathclyde (UK);, and Mr. Mark Erickson, Director of Cooperative Education and Academic Advising for the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University (USA), covered the workshop theme extensively in their keynote presentations, with titles such as, “ICT Education Reform Why and How?”, “ICT Education: Evolution and Revolution”, “ICT in ICT Education: Gamification, MOOCs and All That”, “Bologna Process and Its Impact on Engineering Education in Europe” and “Academic Industry Partnerships: Cooperative Education”.


The 2012 Workshop on Innovations in ICT Education Held in Beijing, China

Prof. Michael Lightner gives his keynote speech.


The Workshop consisted of 3 panels with discussions concentrating on topics such as, “Challenges to and development trends of ICT curriculum design”, “Enhancing the quality of ICT education by cooperating with industry”, and “Quality control and accreditation of ICT education” in the sequential order.
All panelists shared their thoughts and had deep discussions interacting with the attendees in terms of ICT Education, including Prof. Shouwen Yu, Deputy Director of Expert Committee of Chinese Engineering Education Accreditation, Prof. Sung Jo Kim, Senior Vice President of Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK), Dr. Troy Vasiga, Waterloo University (Canada), Mr. Miwako Doi, Chief Fellow, Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center, Mr. Yun Wang, CTO IBM China Research Center, Mr. Honesty Young, Chief Research Officer Intel Asia-Pacific R&D, Prof. Jiannong Cao, Hong Kong (China) Polytechnic University, Prof. Jianguo Ma, Tianjin University (China), Prof. Xiqin Wang, Tsinghua University (China), Prof. Baolin Yin, Beihang University (China), Prof. Daoxu Chen, Nanjing University (China) and Prof. Yang Yang, Shanghai Tech University (China).

At the end of the Workshop, Prof. Ke Gong and Prof. Michael Lightner conducted an interactive summary of the sessions along with all the attendees outlining priorities subsequently generated from this Workshop.

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