Brasilia Declaration: World Engineers’ Convention 2008 – Engineering: Innovation for Development with Social Responsibility


Brazilian Federation of Engineers’ Associations – Brazilian Federal Council of Engineering, Architecture & Agronomy.


  • “Engineering as the driver of technological innovation and of vital importance in sustainable human, social and economic development.”
  • “In the current economic crisis we believe that engineering and innovation with social responsibility will be essential for our survival and progress.”
  • “Many countries are concerned that young people are turning away from science, engineering and technical education, and about the effect a declining interest and enrolment in engineering will have on capacity and development.”
  • “These issues and challenges are being further compounded by the recent financial and economic crisis, at a time when we need increased investment in engineering capacity building, R&D and infrastructure.”
  • “The main challenges for engineering are to promote capacity building and access to technology… through: promoting awareness of engineering to the public and young people; the development of technologies, including advanced technologies; the application and innovation of technologies; promoting inclusion, especially of women and young engineers of the future; global co-operation to reduce knowledge divisions.”
  • “Engineering education needs to emphasise the relevance of engineering to the global issues and challenges we face – the problem-solving profession needs to revitalise itself through such approaches as problem-based learning.”

Actions (abridged):

  • Launch of the first UNESCO Engineering Report – the first ever international report on engineering.
  • Call to governments to create enabling environments and support.
  • Proposal to develop an International Engineering Programme.
  • Proposal for second UNESCO Engineering Report for World Engineers’ Convention 2011.

Commitments (abridged):

  • Emphasise the importance of engineering as the main driver of innovation and sustainable social and economic development.
  • Develop a better understanding of the public perception of engineering, and the promotion of engineering studies and engineering policy.
  • Promote curricula and teaching methods in engineering education that emphasise relevance, applications and the problem-solving approach of engineering.


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